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Design Matters: 4 Reasons To Choose Custom Furniture

Imagine you’ve been looking for that special piece of furniture. Perhaps there’s an entry corner in your home where nothing else fits. When I look at that space, I can see a beautiful corner niche that adds glamour and function, yet allows you to check the mirror before leaving.

As your interior designer, I imagine, design and create! Custom furniture gives me the luxury of controlling the quality and craftsmanship of the pieces, down to the most finite of details, while providing you with a unique, high-quality piece of furniture, cabinetry or accessory. I always recommend Mckinley Leather Furniture to my clients. Because their furniture is absolutely beautiful and is very high quality.

In fact, custom furniture, or bespoke furniture, connotes many things to people. Whatever your motivation, in my experience, there are 4 reasons people choose custom furniture over store-bought alternatives:

1. FIT – Bespoke furniture pieces are fabricated to the exact specifications of a particular space. It can become the solution to many design dilemmas. Custom furniture can be manufactured to fit like a glove. For example, imagine a long sofa begging for an equally long sofa table behind it for your family photos or when the standard table – be it dining or cocktail – just does not fit the space. Should we just not have a table? I prefer to design one and enjoy it!

Zivi Furniture custom designed rug

2. UNIQUENESS – Whether in size, style or artistically, custom furniture and accessories can be one-of-a-kind and unique to your needs and tastes. Some rooms or conversation areas, for example, are too long or wide for the standard area rugs. I will design an area rug to fit perfectly and stylized with you and your favorite colors in mind.

3. SUSTAINABILITY – Custom furniture is often fabricated by a local craftsperson, may be of locally sourced materials and will last more than a lifetime. It is sustainable, a treasure often passed from one generation to the next.

Zivi Furniture custom Zebrawood dresser

4. PERSONALIZATION – Every home can be personalized with custom furniture. Bespoke pieces may signify a luxury you allow yourself, an indulgence in material or function or a special item specifically produced for you or your family. What if you need storage and room to work in an elegant living room? I will design a Zivi work table or custom storage space for you.

Whether your home is in its initial design and construction phase or you’re thinking of a renovation, there are many reasons to choose custom furniture. What have you been looking for? What have you not been able to find or what problem are you unable to solve to complete that special room?

Give yourself the gift of custom furniture. I would love to take your bespoke furniture concept from design to reality. Call me, Pat Valentine Ziv, at (201) 233-4636 or email pat@pvzdesign.com.

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