Aging In Place

aging in place design

Aging in Place Design / Universal Design

The phrase,  aging in place refers to your being able to remain in a safe and comfortable home for as long as you wish.  My mission is to make your home both beautiful and welcoming, for as long as you should want to enjoy it, for as long as you are able to enjoy Aging in Place.

Allow me to guide you in any renovation with this in mind:  An accessible home for all to enjoy for as long as you wish.  A home that you can grow with – renovate with thoughtful preparations and accommodations for possible future even temporary handicaps such as a broken leg.

Bathrooms are your place to restore your senses, a place where we begin our morning ritual preparing ourselves for the day or where we decompress after a long day. They should be safe and enjoyable environments that function flawlessly. Preparations can be incorporated into a renovation that will save money and prevent additional construction to accommodate any handicap or a visit from an aging relative; visitablilty.

While spending a few years living in Seattle, Washington, I was enriched by the highly sophisticated green movement there. It provided me another layer of inspiration: sustainable design, with a sensibility to the environment and to our grandchildren’s world.

My awareness of sustainable design has enhanced my continuing interest in Aging in Place and Universal Design, and formed my mission of designing for all: all ages and all abilities.