Choosing HOME instead of Assisted Living

I am a Baby Boomer trying to stay active and feeling the changes of time. Children have left to start their own families and I am blessed to have and enjoy many grandchildren. I am in semi-denial about AGING as are many of my peers. But we need to be pro-active and make thoughtful design renovations to our homes while we are able as opposed to having changes made under pressure after a crisis suh as a major injury. This is very important if We choose to remain in our homes for as long as WE wish.

I was driving home to NJ from Westchester where I supervised an

Interior Design project installation. I travel with roller blades in my trunk hoping to find an opportunity to skate although fearful as it was close to a year since I had skated. The day was beautiful and sunny and I was totally enthralled with the idea.  I decided to revisit the wonderful trail that starts at the Duck Pond in Ridgewood, NJ and continues through several towns with no street interference.  It was wonderful and I was pretty good!  Imagine who I encountered on this newly paved trail in the woods at about 3PM?   Baby Boomers and Seniors!  People biking – grey hair protruding from their helmets; people walking with people with walkers; seniors running; people sitting on benches enjoying the ducks and one gigantic, ugly turtle; and grandparents playing with toddlers!

So what do Baby Boomers need to consider to Age in Place :

What are we looking for in our next chapter of life:

  1. Staying active to promote the best possible health while we are here: physical, mental and emotional.
  2. Accessibility to what is important: nature, trains to the city with all its amenities, entertainment, restaurants and of course our neighbors, our community.
  3. Visitability:  we want to visit family and friends and we want them to visit us in a place that we can all enjoy.
  4. Technology!  We want to be as connected as our kids and grandchildren!  Wireless everything with easy to read and operate systems.
  5. Safety in the home:  Many seniors are forced to leave their homes abruptly after a fall which is the primary cause of injury among seniors.                                                    A thoughtless and quick solution to the interiors of their bathroom and home is then executed.

 Before this crisis, it is beneficial to consider modifications with time for research, thought and an architect or interior designer.  Some homes can easily be redesigned to accommodate a more safe and comfortable home environment.  Many aspects are analyzed such as preventing falls and, safe accessibility and functionality from the moment you get out of your car through your house entrance to the living areas, kitchen, bathrooms and bedroom.

It is more pleasant to remain in your home and continue to enjoy  life as you wish.  If you are building or renovating at any age,  incorporate accommodations for added RESALE value, to allow a loved one to visit with dignity or for you to enjoy for your lifetime. Designing with this in mind can be practical, safe and BEAUTIFUL! 

Finding just the right ranch house in a vibrant community is ideal:  Call me for a feasibility study to analyze if a property will accommodate Aging in Place.

Need a safety assessment of your home?   Would you like to explore design options that will help you Age in Place.

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Great Grandmother enjoying new family member.
Great Grandmother enjoying new family member.

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