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Get Your Renovation Started with an Interior Designer

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 An interior designer can help you with this major decision.

Have you ever considered renovating your home? Have you thought about redesigning the kitchen or adding an extension to finally give yourself that spa-like master bedroom suite? It can take people months or even years before actually starting the design process. Sometimes they are motivated after seeing the wonderful results of a neighbor’s new bathroom or they are mesmerized by the vision of cooking in their own exotic kitchen. You may feel cramped in your home but hate the idea of moving away from a great neighborhood.

Traditional Kitchen by PVZ Design

Any renovation may seem overwhelming and disruptive to your family’s status quo. It is a mammoth undertaking and not to be entered lightly. You need to analyze what it is you want to achieve, and see if it is feasible and makes sense. With the guidance of an architect or professional interior designer, as well as a local realtor, you can assess your options. Do not fear – I am here to help!

These professionals can evaluate your building structure and your desires:

— An interior designer can assist you in understanding what it is you want to achieve. My design firm has often been asked to prepare a feasibility study to evaluate how much space a family needs to accommodate their wishes for the new space. Interior designers evaluate a space to assure that all the furniture and traffic flow will comfortably fit. Feasibility studies are often done in the corporate arena prior to leasing a space or purchasing a building.

Interior designers are project managers and natural coordinators. We understand what needs to get done, by whom and when. We are advocating for our client along the way to achieve the results we understand to be our goal for the project. We have the whole in mind when we discuss the components with their respective trade professionals.

living room renovation home office space
Contemporary Living Space by PVZ Design

— A local architect will be able to advise you with regards to a major renovation such as adding a floor or expanding your footprint. They are familiar with zoning requirements, how to work with the building department, and the necessary permit procedures.

— A realtor is also a key component in the process. They can assess how your renovation fits into your neighborhood and your possible return on investment (ROI). The Remodeling Magazine prepares an annual “Cost vs. Value” report that analyzes remodeling projects and their ROI. They report on the project type, the different regions in the United States, and if you are located in an upscale area.

The best possible results will be attained when you prepare and research your options with professionals prior to embarking on this adventure and the home of your dreams.  With knowledge in hand, you can better make your decision and move forward!

Would you like to assess your choices on the renovation you’ve been thinking so much about? Call me to discuss your options and the possibilities at (201) 233-4636 or e-mail me at

Pat Valentine Ziv, ASID, CID, is a NJ Certified Interior Designer and a professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers. She holds an Architectural Design degree and possesses in-depth knowledge of buildings and their systems.

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