Happy Thanksgiving from a grateful Interior Designer!

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I am grateful for the gifts of vision, design  and the psychological perception that allow me to produce interiors that function as needed and make people happy.   

         “It was a true pleasure to collaborate with Pat…

                        She knows her craft and her approach is engaging  –   a winning combination.”                                       

I am grateful for the serendipity that guided me to my architectural training.  Grateful for the work experiences that allowed me to move forward in this career ultimately allowing me to start my own business. Grateful that this in turn allowed me to work from home (even when it was not legal and frowned upon) and be home when my kids came home from school.

 I am grateful that any new project, be it home design or medical office  design or corporate office design, makes me shout with enthusiasm and excitement!

I love to meet the people and learn about their routines and needs, measure the space and identify its possibilities.  I just enjoy the design process!

I am grateful for my network of colleagues that are always willing to brainstorm or discuss business or sources or design issues.  I am grateful for their friendship and mutual respect.

 I am grateful for the design schools of New Jersey: Kean University,  NJIT, Brookdale Community College and Berkeley College (where I once taught)  that provide the next generation of designers who will  continue the challenge of new relevant interiors that support the health safety and welfare of the inhabitants.  These students are also our valuable interns and assistants with much to teach us about new technologies.

 But most of all, I am joyfully grateful for my wonderful, healthy and happy grandchildren, their parents, grandfather and our family throughout the world!

 I always enjoy this holiday for its non-religious nature with the wonderful feast and family togetherness!  I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Warm wishes from Pat Valentine Ziv                                                                                  pat@pvzdesign.com               tel: 201 233-4636  


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