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Hot Fun in the Summer Time: Outdoor Entertaining in Style

pool area design
Via Williams–Sonoma.

Backyard entertainment has come a long way since the coal barbecue was reinvigorated by strong spurts of toxic gasoline! Remember the iconic redwood picnic table and benches?  The Slip ‘N Slide is still around but only as an adjunct game to the built-in pools. Below are popular items that PVZ Design enjoys incorporating into our designs.

The backyard landscape shares space with the pool and all its accouterments, including an area to create an outdoor “room.” This room may consist of several seating areas, entertainment in the form of music and large screen TVs, a built-in outdoor kitchen or a state of the art fire-burning pizza oven.

outdoor fireplace
Joan Grabel via DIY Network.

Interior designers have made their way to the home’s exterior! We are enjoying the sunshine and love creating outdoor areas to fulfill all of your wishes. Tell PVZ Design your outdoor goals and we will not disappoint.

Outdoor furniture is now as comfortable and beautiful as family room furniture.

Entertaining is even more pleasurable with sun screens, such as remote awnings and off-centered solar umbrellas, fire pits or shattered glass fire lines.

New Outdoor Fabrics and Materials

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Via Williams–Sonoma.

The newer outdoor fabrics are water-, UV-, mildew- and stain-resistant. Resistant, however, does not mean water-, UV- or stain-proof. The water will eventually penetrate, the UV rays will bleach the color and the stubborn stain will persist, but your family will reap the benefits before these products succumb to the elements.  You will still need to store them away during the harsh winter months and clean the stains as quickly as possible. These newer fabrics will allow you to entertain with much less worry than prior years. They are durable enough to withstand use and abuse and the technology of these new synthetic materials is improving all the time.

Cast aluminum is a great option for durable outdoor furniture, along with high quality all-weather wicker, teak and other weather-resistant wood options. Some of the synthetic fibers such as Viro™, Ecolene and Polystrand, are revolutionizing design by allowing for chemical- and UV-resistant, all-weather proof, high-tensile strength furniture that is safe for the environment and 100% recyclable. They have brought more functionality and durability to the outdoor room at reasonable prices with faux leather and rattan products. The high quality natural rattan and redwood pieces provide luxurious outdoor roomscapes.

Woodform concrete
Woodform Concrete via JM Lifestyles.

Concrete is also evolving. Concrete can be made to resemble wood as a table or embedded with a firebox or fossil-like pieces or can even be lit with fiber optics or LEDs. Lightweight concrete is being used in chairs and tables that can be easily moved.

Outdoor Storage Options

Lots of “stuff “requires lots of storage!  Some homes have multiple sheds reminiscent of the carriage houses of long ago. One may be used to house the pool products and toys, another for cushions and entertainment pieces and yet another for the bicycles and kids’ outdoor games.

We cannot forget the enviable pool gazebo that can contain a full bath for guests and a well-stocked bar with an all-in-one counter dispenser of espresso, beer and water. Party ready!

Summer is underway but it’s not too late to get started! As an NJ interior designer, I happily offer consultations for your outdoor areas, as well as homes or corporate spaces.

Are ideas for your magical garden brewing? Let PVZ Design help you execute your vision. Call me at 201 233-4636 or e-mail me at pat@pvzdesign.com.

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