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Interior Design and Construction TRENDS for 2014 as seen by Pat Valentine Ziv, ASID, CID

The economy is moving in a positive direction. Contractors are busier than ever. New construction is on the upswing and many homes are being renovated. This trend is expected to continue encouraging us to evaluate where we live and work and decide if this will be our year to make a change.

 These are the trends I see for 2014:

 Convenience; Practicality and Low Maintenance

You have so much to do whether its carpooling the kids to their various activities, constantly on call at work or attending to your elderly parents. Clients are demanding care-free products that offer convenience and ease such as:

  • Man made countertop materials such as Corian, Caesarstone and Zodiaq that do not need sealants
  • Porcelain tile that looks like marble or wood but requires only a periodic cleaning.
  • Concrete that looks like wood or stone
  • Fabrics with enhancements giving them super powers such as 100,000  double rubs (a fabric strength test that is done that approximates the wear and tear that comes from someone sitting down or getting up from an upholstered seat.)
  • Stainless steel appliances that don’t show fingerprints
  • Appliances that tell you when they need maintenance
  • Faucets that operate on your arm movement with no need to actually touch it!


Improvements which are being bought now after the  “early adaptors” have eagerly taken the risk and enjoyed their benefits,

Machines and appliances are communicating giving your home the most efficient energy savings:

  • Smart Appliances which connect to your network advising, alerting and allowing you to control these appliances as desired  from your smart phone wherever you may be. 
  • Home Automation and Control: the Smart thermostats such as the NEST that learns your family’s behavior and adapts accordingly raising the heat anticipating your family’s return. 
  • Solar energy – more solar power is now visible on rooftops saving people money in their electrical bills – some companies help you financing it and/or claim federal tax credits.  This feature is more efficient on some homes than others depending on your roof orientation and the amount of trees obscuring it.

Check out this website prior to purchasing your products to understand the Energy Star Federal tax credits and how they apply.  Energy Star rating refers to Energy Efficient Consumer Products and was developed in 1992 by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy.

 On the lighter fashion side of interior design at PVZ Design, I see that the contemporary, lighter look has evolved in the Northeast.  This less cluttered yet functional approach is more fitting to our busy lives leaving more time for what we are pressed or love to do.  I see that I am working on more bathrooms with an emphasis on the shower.  Although every home needs a tub somewhere (for dogs and babies), Master bathrooms often opt their space be dedicated to the larger shower or a stand alone tub – sometimes within the confines of the shower.


Universal design and Sustainability in interior design has come to the table as a more relevant and discussed topic as people are learning more and encouraged to pursue this more holistic and energy efficient option which has become very affordable ultimately provides a great investment in your property.

 If change is in the air for you this year and you would like to update your home, please do call me at 201 233-4636 or e-mail at


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