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Looking at Your Interiors Differently

Don’t let your preconceived notions limit your desires!

As a designer, I am often asked to design a dream space for my clients. At the same time, clients don’t ask for what they really want, assuming that their dream is either impossible or if possible, too expensive. I always ask people for their interior design wish list despite whether they believe it can be actualized.

Preconceived notions prevent many of us from getting what we really want. Interior designers can often look at a space from another viewpoint and with the experience and knowledge to creatively interpret your desire. Together, we can create a successful version which fulfills your desires and achieves your functional and aesthetic needs. Here’s an example:

Achieving the “impossible”

A breakfast nook is a welcome feature for many families wanting to enjoy casual meals together. Some homeowners prefer a free standing banquette-like arrangement with the option of additional chairs.

kitchen, kitchen design, kitchen table, breakfast nook, banquette, interior design nj
A different take on the breakfast nook. PVZ Design

A typical banquette is a long bench with upholstered seating, usually nestled within and supported by several walls.

kitchen, banquette, booth, seating, kitchen design, interior design nj
Banquette seating: Upholstered benches line the walls

My client wanted a contemporary breakfast nook banquette adjacent to her kitchen. The breakfast nook of her contemporary home in Franklin Lakes, a beautiful town in Northern New Jersey, seemed as though it could only house a free-standing table and chairs. There were no walls on which to insert a typical banquette, only a multi-angled exterior wall with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the property.

THE SOLUTION: I designed a custom banquette along with a custom sized oblong table to fit the space and optimize the seating capability. The banquette was fitted to the angular walls with the assistance of a cabinet-maker’s structural supports and covered by a professional upholsterer. It was supported by the points of wall between the large windows. The “booth” was comfortable with an adequate seat depth and a good back on which to lean and enjoy a casual meal.

kitchen, kitchen table, breakfast nook, banquette, benches, upholstery, kitchen design, interior design nj
The banquette solution. PVZ Design

The view was not obstructed and they have enjoyed many meals in this light-filled space. Looking at the space with an interior designer’s viewpoint helped overcome the preconceived notions and achieve the homeowner’s desires.

custom furniture, kitchen, kitchen design, breakfast nook, banquette, interior design nj
The benches were custom-fit into the angular walls, optimizing seating space. PVZ Design

Often, I am invited to assess a situation where I am asked to renovate a cramped bathroom or kitchen only to find an adjacent space from which to annex a few extra feet, allowing for a more functional or spacious final product.

Do you have an unfulfilled dream for your home? I can look at your space differently. Call me at 201 233-4636 or e-mail me at

Pat Valentine Ziv, ASID, CID, is a NJ Certified Interior Designer and a professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers. She holds an Architectural Design degree and possesses in-depth knowledge of buildings and their systems.

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