custom zivi night table with integral light

Put the WOW Factor in Your Guest Room for the Holidays

A warm house beautifully decorated for the holidays is a perfect backdrop to welcome family and guests. While arrangements and preparations can be daunting, organization is key to allow yourself to enjoy the festivities with everyone.

To help alleviate holiday stress, start your planning earlier in the year. Many families have their decorations set aside from year to year – which makes the following year’s decorating task more enjoyable since you know where most of the items are. There are, of course, items which need to be purchased annually, and food is always a big endeavor in every hosting affair.

However, the guest room can be prepared far in advance so that only a vase of flowers may be needed at the last minute. This will give you the time to acquire the necessary items to make for a comfortable stay and provide a wonderful guest experience. Once you have prepared this room for the holiday, it will become yours to easily offer throughout the year: the perfect guest suite at a moment’s notice.

custom zivi night table with integral light
Perfect for a luxurious guest room: Zebrawood Night Table with Integral Dual Lighting by Zivi Furniture

The Reception

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see the look of WOW as you show your guest to their room? Special touches such as fresh flowers or a scented candle will enhance the senses and summon images of a luxurious retreat. Just a note of caution: check on allergies and/or asthma conditions for sensitivity to scents and materials.

Your guest needs the basics: to sleep, wash, and dress during their stay. A well-rested guest is a happier guest. To give them the best hotel-like experience, anticipate the white sales and other opportunities during the year to acquire window treatments, bedding, and other items for your guest room at a better price.

sheets, guest room, bedding, and lighting
Provide a comfortable guest experience with functional lighting, luxurious bedding, and ample surface space. Via PVZ Design

The Sleeping Area

A comfortable bed that fits the room with adequate walk-around space is important. Also needed is at least one night table with lighting controlled from the bed, and enough counter space to place a book, their phone, and a drink. I usually have a few books on a shelf under the night table geared to the interests of my various guests – children, fashion minded, or design-centric. A small desk and chair for a few moments of work or writing is an often overlooked but appreciated thought, and you also want to have a note indicating your wireless network access code. For added relaxation, a lounge chair for reading or quiet time is a plus if the room permits. Keep their feet warm with small rugs at each side of the bed if there is no carpeting, or you may want to provide a pair of generic slippers like at the spa.

custom bed with integral night table and lighting, custom shaped cabinetry
Custom Bed with Integral Night Tables by Zivi Furniture

Stock up on the best sheets with the highest thread count you can allow yourself. Pillows are a very important ingredient in the sleep factor; try to have a soft set as well as a more firm set available within their reach. People are often coming from different climates and may be more prone to cold than you are, so have additional blankets or comforters available in an easily accessible closet. Provide a few empty hangers in the closet for their clothes as well.

Natural light from the windows needs to be controlled for optimum sleep. Window treatments are sold in many price ranges so give your guests the possibility to control their light needs for a comfortable sleep.

The Bathroom

Guests will need a bathroom whether it is shared or private. In both cases, you can provide a comfortable and special bath experience.

custom zivi bathtub with metal accent tiles
Custom Bathtub with Metal Accent Tiles by Zivi Furniture

In the case of a shared bathroom, you will want to have a large basket in their room with towels and sundries to take with them to the bathroom. Place products that may run out, like toilet paper and soap, in the open for easy access.

A private bathroom is a wonderful luxury, so make it special with touches of elegant soap and products they may not expect. Think of all the products you use while in a bathroom. To reduce potential stress, you can make sure to buy items you think someone may forget to bring.

Receiving guests in your home is an honor and preparing this space is your personal way to welcome them and make their stay more enjoyable. I wish you all a wonderful holiday full of warmth and festivities, family and fun!

PVZ Design has been helping people design their homes to suit their lifestyle. My Zivi Furniture pieces featured throughout this blog post offer the perfect solution to the needs of my clients. For example, some spaces require custom cabinets with dual lighting to both accent glass art and provide function. In some cases, custom shaped cabinetry is necessary to accommodate a space plan.

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Zivi Furniture was recently featured in Aspire Metro magazine.

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