Why Black Is Back In Interior Design

black in interior design

Elegant, sophisticated and chic – there is nothing quite like the bold statement made by the color black. Within the realm of interior design, it can anchor a space, unify a design concept that travels from room to room or define both traditional or modern spaces. Rooms can have touches of black or black can accent key pieces of furniture and become a focal point. It’s the interior design equivalent of an exclamation point!

So, where is black in interior design?

Black tubs – Black tubs make a striking sculptural statement whether centered alone in a vast room or placed in front of a beautiful window wall. I also like them strategically placed in a cozy corner.

Black glass – Truly beautiful and growing in popularity, black glass is neither fingerprint nor smudge-friendly. However, it makes for a sleek appliance door or tabletop and can be worked into almost any kitchen design.

Black stainless steel appliances – The newest and most popular appliance finish, black stainless steel, is a finish you must actually experience. A remarkable advantage is that it resists fingerprints and is not as reflective as regular stainless steel. In the kitchen, it pairs beautifully with many colors, styles, and textures. Black stainless is a softer and a more forgiving finish to the touch; there are also slight color variations like slate which may appeal more to the traditionalist.

black faucets and tapware

Black plumbing fixtures – Black plumbing faucets are now available for both the kitchen and bathroom. They punctuate counters, sinks, showers and tubs. Pair them with checkerboard-patterned black and white floor tiles, and the combination is stunning.

Black interiors in appliances – Black continues into the interiors of refrigerators which makes the food appear to pop! Gorgeous – really a must see, an appliance with a black interior definitely improves one’s daily experience.

black fireplace

Black in décor – Black continues to enhance accessories, fabrics and trims as well as interiors both residential and commercial. Black fireplaces are the talking point for a welcoming family room and complement a multitude of colors, fabrics, and natural materials.

Black hardware – Black hardware is a striking contrast to light-colored door or cabinetry. It’s the perfect offset to warm wood tones.

Although working black into an interior design scheme is a daunting task, it’s well worth the effort. Weaving black into your interiors can give space drama and punch. If you’d like to introduce black into your interior design scheme, call Pat Valentine Ziv at (201) 233-4636 or email: pat@pvzdesign.com

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