ZIVI Furniture

ZIVI Furniture

Recently highlighted in Aspire Metro magazine

I am passionate about design, and Zivi Furniture is the result of my efforts to find the perfect solutions for my clients. Furniture, rug, and cabinetry design are my specialties. All of the pieces below are available for purchase as is or refined to fit your size requirements. Of course, I would be honored to create custom designs for your specific needs!


I love to stretch my imagination and the skills of my craftspeople with any materials that solve a particular function. Wood is currently my primary source material, to which I add glass, metals, acrylic, leather, and any new materials I learn about in my constant exploration. I also love to work with wool and to design custom rugs.

custom cabinetry

The “Zivi” Design Process

I have been drawing at my board for so many years that in that peaceful and relaxing act of drawing, ideas and solutions come to mind. Sketches evolve into ideas, and pragmatism and experience guide the development into final pieces. I am constantly searching for the perfect mechanism to use within my products in order to make them effortlessly interactive.